Traditional Braces

Even if you’ve never worn braces, you’re probably familiar with this foundational approach to orthodontic treatment.

Today, traditional braces are just one of the options available for straightening teeth. Despite the other options, however, metal braces remain the most popular choice for our patients.

Dental Braces Serve Multiple Functions

Physical appearance is important to all of us, and dental braces are often thought of as an aesthetic treatment. And although metal braces are highly effective for creating the perfect smile, they do much more.

Traditional braces are the most effective way to correct structural problems in the mouth. This might include an overbite, underbite, crossbite or misaligned jaw. These common problems can, over time, lead to jaw pain and tooth damage. Left untreated, these structural issues may even eventually require jaw surgery to correct.

Tooth overcrowding is yet another problem that orthodontia can address successfully. When teeth crowd the mouth, a variety of problems can result. Besides the obvious aesthetic drawbacks, overlapping teeth are difficult to clean. This dental hygiene challenge can lead to cavities and periodontal disease. Over time, you are more prone to losing teeth that are overcrowded.

So while your smile will be perfect when the metal braces come off, what’s more important is that your teeth and the underlying bone structures also be strong and trouble-free.

Advantages of Metal Braces

Clear, ceramic and traditional metal braces all serve the same purpose — to correct structural and placement flaws in the teeth and jaw bones. So why would anyone choose braces you can see?

Traditional braces may be more noticeable, but many patients believe this is a fair tradeoff, based on the advantages they offer.

Metal brackets are stronger and more durable than their less-visible counterparts. This means you probably won’t have to wear them as long as you would the other choices. And you’ll have fewer problems with broken brackets — and fewer visits to the orthodontist!

Are Traditional Braces Right for You?

Ultimately, only your orthodontist can say for sure which treatment options are right for you. However, when you consider the benefits and advantages compared to your treatment goals, traditional braces may be a tempting option.

Today’s metal braces use stainless-steel brackets that are much smaller and less noticeable than previous versions. So even though the metal will be visible, you won’t have that “tin grin” you might have expected.

Traditional braces allow you to finish your treatment sooner, with less discomfort and fewer problems. And if budgetary concerns figure highly in your decision, these are often the least-expensive option for orthodontic treatment.

In Tacoma, Family Orthodontics is the premier provider of comprehensive orthodontic services for the entire family. And because one-size-fits-all never applies in our industry, our orthodontists will work closely with you to determine the best approach for achieving your goals for the perfect smile.

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