Clear Braces

Clear braces offer something traditional metal braces can’t — they’re significantly less visible than their stainless-steel counterparts.

In Tacoma, Family Orthodontics is pleased to offer this aesthetic alternative for orthodontic treatment.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Essentially, clear dental braces work the same way that the traditional stainless-steel models do.

The orthodontist affixes small brackets to each tooth. These brackets are connected by an arch wire, which exerts steady, gentle pressure on the teeth. Over time, this pressure moves the teeth from their original positons to the desired ones.

The clear difference lies in the material used to fabricate the brackets and arch wire. In traditional braces, these components are made of high-grade stainless steel. The clear variety uses nonmetallic ceramic or composite materials.

Advantages of Clear Braces

Whereas metal braces contrast sharply with teeth, clear brackets are designed to match the color of tooth enamel.

The orthodontist may also be able to use a tooth-colored arch wire, so you have virtually no visible metal on your teeth.

This design is popular with adults, particularly those in the business world. The imperceptible brackets and arch wires won’t keep you up nights wondering whether your big presentation was overshadowed by the metal in your mouth. For patients in the public eye, clear braces provide the opportunity to complete your orthodontic treatment in the most aesthetic way possible.

Choosing the Best Orthodontic Treatment for You

Clear braces, while less obtrusive, are not as strong as traditional stainless-steel braces. Consequently, your treatment may take slightly longer to complete. You may also experience more frequent problems, although the difference is negligible if you care for your braces properly.

For patients in the public eye, the advantages are striking, even if they must wear them a little longer. This approach is also preferable to the Invisalign system if your treatment requires more extensive correction of bite problems or gaps between the teeth.

From a price perspective, clear braces are slightly more expensive than the traditional variety in most cases, as the materials used to fabricate the brackets and tooth-colored arch wires are more expensive than stainless steel.

Family Orthodontics of Tacoma is proud to offer our patients a variety of leading-edge options for their orthodontic treatment. Our experienced orthodontists will work hard to help you achieve your goals, and we’ll develop a treatment plan that balances your needs, objectives and financial guidelines.

Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the many benefits of clear braces.